Andrew Dahlquist

Music Artist | Screenwriter | Copywriter


Screenwriting: Finalist, Stage 32 TV Comedy Screenwriting Contest 2021 | Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2021 | Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Comedy Competition 2021 | Quarterfinalist, Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition 2021 | Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay TV Contest 2022.

Music (Satelle): 5 full-length albums, one EP, and remix releases with Coldcut, Kan Wakan, and more. 

Copywriting: 6 years experience developing unique copy and brand campaigns across 35+ fitness products and one AI-driven fitness app for fitness brands like Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness, and JRNY.



A Creative Journey

Andrew is a Portland[ia]-based writer and music artist that believes in pioneer thinking, mental cross-training, and finding the happy-medium between M.C. Escher and MC Hammer. His work philosophy combines neuroplasticity, slapstick comedy, and a Leonard Bernstein quote which tells us that achieving great things requires a plan and not enough time. Pro tip: If at first Andrew doesn't succeed, he try, tries finding a solution within quantum chromodynamics or a romantic Michael Bolton lyric. 

Andrew was born in Idaho. He is the son of a mother and father who tragically have nothing to do with potatoes. Andrew survived his potato-less youth by disappearing into sports; the perfect alibi for a shy, sensitive storyteller who was never sure how to fit in. At age 7, Andrew's inner creative flame began to protrude. He got in trouble in Ms. Darch's class for writing a story about a Vice President who runs from the law and is later found in the Seattle Space Needle -- eating glue. For the rest of Andrew's youth, he would live a double life: On the outside, a clever, athletic boy with a fear of not fitting in. On the inside, a rebellious, creative deviant who pledged to one day break free and embrace his inner weird.

After majoring in English Literature at the University of Idaho, Andrew traveled the United States as a collegiate leadership consultant. Shortly thereafter, he moved to New York City to write filmscore music and stayed afloat by working odd jobs for law firms, public relations companies, and as an international wine server who to this day, still knows nothing about wine.

In 2015, Andrew moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue marketing. When he wasn't complaining about emails, he spent most of his days crafting sketch comedy bits and putting on juggling seminars for bored employees. His nights were spent with writing, music, and comedy workshops. Soon thereafter, a marketing director would tell Andrew that his email memes weren't total garbage and would encourage him to become a copywriter.

Today, Andrew is a 2021 Stage 32 TV Comedy Screenwriting Finalist, a two-time 2021 ScreenCraft Quarterfinalist (Comedy Feature, Fellowship), a 2021 Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Quarterfinalist, and a 2022 WeScreenplay TV Quarterfinalist. His music credits include official remix releases with Coldcut via Ninja Tune Records, Kan Wakan, and more. Additionally, he creates advertising copy and product video scripts for brands like Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness, and JRNY.

Today, 12/13/2021, Andrew maintains a 472-day streak on Duolingo.