Freedom to breathe.

Emotional intelligence.

Daily exercise.

Daily creativity training.

Structure & guts.

Letting go.

Meditative zen.

Taking care of the self.

The whole self.

Taking care of others.

Perceiving from the cold, anthropological outside.

Yet living on the warm inside.

Helping to save the planet.

Becoming famous.

But not too famous.

Daily writing schedules.

Weekly social schedules.

Taking classes.


No fear for love.

Coffee shop rituals.

A clean & organized living space.

Very little alcohol.

Very much film & music.

Learn how to dance.

Embrace the inner-weird.

All the weird.

Embrace the art life.

Increase neuroplasticity.

Read whenever possible.

Jade means the bar is too low.

Learn from those who truly lived.

Be brave when possible.

Soul-brave, not ego-brave.

Diminish the ego.

Out-maneuver the anxiety.

Let go of your fears.

Continually detoxify.

Make more art friends.

Be an art friend.

Forgive the human condition.

Study systems & culture.

Solve systems & culture.

Meet people.

Visit more oceans.

Share yourself.

Share your darkest imagination.

Without fear.

Don't judge.

Analyze instead.

Feel more.

Feel better.

Feel best.


Early mornings.

Early evenings.

Less plastic.


More cooking.

Less spending. 

Embrace time.

Change the world. 

Make things better.

Make things brighter.

Empower the powerless.

Shatter blindness.

Blindness to privilege.

Blindness to demonization.

Blindness to toxicity.

Blindness to the lizard brain.

Shatter it all. 

Grow a garden in its place.

More comedy.

Warm, reflective comedy.

Empowering comedy. 

Less screens.

Less social media intake.

More social media vulnerability.

Less perfection.

No perfection.

More trying.

More attempting.

More showing up.

More long walks.

More public-immersion.

More solving.

Less dwelling.

More monologues.

More reflective focus.

More exploration.

Deeper cognizance.

Deeper oceans.

Deeper breathing.

Deeper loving.

Deeper writing.

More laughing.

Belly laughing.

Healthy eating.

Deeper experiences.

More museums.

More gardens.

Keep the inside out.

Less fear of judgment.

Deeper conversations.


Robin-Williams-like delight.

Daily check-ins.

Nightly check-ins.


Any flossing.

More writing.

Much, much more writing.

More music production.

More time-cognizance.

Give more.

Give more of yourself.

Be you. 

Be uniquely you.

Kick so much ass.