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No Patience for Meditation? Use Bop It as a Meditation Tool.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

No patience for meditation? You can use Bop It as a meditation tool. I use this technique all the time when I need to ground myself in the present and calm the brain down.

How it works: Due to the way the game is designed, you are forced to give full attention and mental focus to the task at hand and abide by the game's voice commands. After doing a couple rounds, you might be surprised to find yourself in a bit of a trance state.

Tips for success: The more you relax, the more successful you'll be. Predicting what moves will come next in the future will cause you to tense up, and produce varying levels of stress in your body and mind. As is life. If you simply remain in the present and focus on one task at a time, you'll be surprised at just how relaxed you can stay, even while the pace speeds up.

Yes, Bop It is a Zen philosophy all to itself.

How I discovered this creative meditation hack: Sheer curiosity! During the pandemic, I found myself reaching for nostalgia and escape to keep me sane. And one of those purchases was a Bop It. At one point, I set up an experiment where I would perform one round of Bop It in between my creative assignments for work, or between my screenwriting sprints. Not only did I find it mentally refreshing, but I felt relaxed and renewed. And I soon realized that my Bop It was placing me in a meditative trance state, time and time again.

Closing statements: if you're someone who has struggled to stay present during meditation (or in my case, stay awake without going to sleep) get creative! Get yourself an old school (or new school!) Bop It and have at it!

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