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What I'm listening to: Bernard Parmegiani's “Questions of Time”

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This year, I've been trying to explore music that really hits differently. Like freight-train-to-the- face differently, or blast-me-into-an-entirely-different-realm-of-consciousness differently. Bernard Parmegiani's intense acousmatic soundscapes take me to that place, and they'll take you there too.

Bernard Parmegiani was a French composer and genius of electroacoustic/acousmatic music.

What's acousmatic music? It's a form of electronic music/soundscape that's hyper-focused on characteristics like timbre + spectrum, and it can include sounds derived from things such as musical instruments, voice, electronically generated sound, manipulated audio, field recordings, and just about anything else you can dream up into auditory experience.

But enough of me trying to describe it.

Here's the real reason Parmegiani gets my ears all hot and lost in a Jungian space-time continuum.

The sounds of Parmegiani work beautifully as a tool for creative/active imagination extraction. I've been using Parmegiani as a background soundtrack for free writes, where I attempt to build the connection rod between the conscious mind and the unconscious/flow state/soul tunnel/muse.

Whatever you wish to call it.

Parmegiani's music forms an incredibly peculiar backdrop to this writing exercise. You will get something unexpected. Something fresh. Something unusual. Every time you try it.

While I primarily use Parmegiani's music during freewriting experiments, you'll also find me listening to 30 minutes at a time while exercising on a stationary bike for a unique trance-state.

If you're looking to experiment with your creativity or simply experience an insane palette cleanser and really spice/fuck up your listening patterns + streaming algorithms, put on "Questions of Time", close your eyes, and enjoy the trip down the cerebral rabbit hole.

Warning: do not listen before bed unless you and your nightmares like to live dangerously.

Listen responsibly!

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